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In this section, we aim to answer the most commonly asked questions and dispel a few myths with regard to B2B lead generation.

Lead Generation (LeadGen) is the process of attracting or finding specific potential clients for a business.

B-A-N-T is an acronym for Budget, Authority, Need and Timescale. In other words, when the sales person makes contact with the prospect, they will know that the person they are contacting will have a need for their product or service within a reasonable timescale and they will have the money available and the authority to spend it.

Yes. This is where we take the embryonic lead and guide it through the stages that can lead up to it being sales ready. This could include emails, case studies, videos, infographics, together with the occasional phone call to ensure that your name stays front-of-mind with the prospect until they are ready to buy. An important part of Lead Generation is finding out basic information about when prospects will be fully in the market.

In its broadest sense, yes it can be, if there is some form of direct response mechanism associated with it. However, most consumer advertising is there to generate some other form of action – awareness, a visit to a shop or showroom, choosing a specific brand when on the weekly shop. Lead generation is more associated with B2B marketing where we are generating a lead with a known company and a known decision maker or influencer within that company. Further, in an ideal world, this lead would also be further qualified by knowing that the lead generated is BANT qualified. It may also be known by the less defined term of ’sales ready’.

One of the great things about telemarketing is that it can be measured, so you can always calculate your ROI from the results that we achieve. We continually benchmark and monitor our activities to ensure you get the best results from our services. We believe that the benefits of working with Lingo will speak for themselves.

Yes. Appointment setting is the end result of the lead generation process in the same way that turning the final corner marks the end of a journey. Lead Generation is a journey and, like any journey, you will not arrive at your desired destination without knowing your route and being able to adjust that route to cope with traffic jams, diversions, bad weather or whatever else can befall us as we travel.

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